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Response to: What is Design?

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The article What Is Design? is a Q and A between Madame L. Amic and Charles Eames.  They cover such issues as societal constraints on a designer, client/designer relations, industrial needs, ethics and whether Design is an art of individuals or a group.  I was pleased by Eames’ answer to the question, “is design an expression of art (an art form)?”  He states that Design is an expression of the purpose, and that the exemplary designs are later judged as art.  This gives a good understanding that the first goal of design is to meet a specific need, and if the designer understands and solves the need brilliantly, it will become a true work of art.  He also feels that to be a realistic designer, one cannot forget those who have gone before.  A designer must use and expand on the artistry of the past.  I liked Eames’ statement that the only boundaries of design are the same boundaries of problems… which as far as I know are none.


Artist Vs. Designer

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Is A Designer An Artist? by Norman Potter, we are given a look at the differences and similarities of the goals and roles inherent to Artists and Designers.  It is Norman Potter’s belief that while Artists and Designers share visual sensibilities, skill sets, and tools, they are subjected to vastly different social constraints and creative processes.  As a “Fine Artist” entering the world of a Designer, I feel that some of these notions are becoming greatly antiquated, and perhaps Mr. Potter’s view of the Artist’s relation to the public a bit of an underestimation.  While an Artist is allowed more personal expression and freedom from constraints, the ultimate goal is still to connect with a wide array of society.  I feel that a Designer is given a gift in this respect, the work develops by and for the wider audience as they are in constant communication throughout.  The Artist uses the same tools and skills, but is left more alone to realize basically the same goals; to sell an idea or solve a problem.

Dream of a Duck (warning not for the faint of heart or duck lovers)

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My yard was full of small animals. Puppies, ducks, chickens, ferrets, mice, rabbits lived harmoniously underfoot. In fact it was hard to place a foot without nearly dashing a critter to smithereens. They were happy and fat, full of joyous calls until it got cloudy. I went inside to find more feed and hay, but by the time I returned it was too late. The ducks had gone mad with voracious hunger. Once the garden jester, their flashy yellow beaks had mutated into hideous muzzles. Gnarled wolfish teeth had already devoured my beloved Calamity, or most of her at least. I found tiny ferret hind-quarters and a tail just at the moment my rage and sorrow collided. At once I clasped a shaking fist around the neck of a gray hissing mallard with orange shark teeth and began to eliminate the evil. The first shake was hesitant and forgiving, surely painful nonetheless. As the toothed beak reared toward my wrist I found a way to channel Indiana Jones and cracked the whip on the wretched blood-thirsty beast. The ferrets quickly returned to their activities in a relaxed but aware manner. When I got out of bed, the pets were in the usual places again, and were happy to see that the storm was gracious to spare the meager scraps of food they had all become accustomed too.