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Response to: What is Design?

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2012 at 4:39 pm

The article What Is Design? is a Q and A between Madame L. Amic and Charles Eames.  They cover such issues as societal constraints on a designer, client/designer relations, industrial needs, ethics and whether Design is an art of individuals or a group.  I was pleased by Eames’ answer to the question, “is design an expression of art (an art form)?”  He states that Design is an expression of the purpose, and that the exemplary designs are later judged as art.  This gives a good understanding that the first goal of design is to meet a specific need, and if the designer understands and solves the need brilliantly, it will become a true work of art.  He also feels that to be a realistic designer, one cannot forget those who have gone before.  A designer must use and expand on the artistry of the past.  I liked Eames’ statement that the only boundaries of design are the same boundaries of problems… which as far as I know are none.


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