Salty Elbows

“Just a collection of cells overrating ourselves…”

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2012 at 6:08 am

In the article by Paul Elliman, it is suggested that creating a collection of objects serves to remove the objects from their intended spot in the world and freeze them in a permanent bond with the perceptions of the collector.  The objects in the collection are forced to react to one another, and each object causes the meaning of the next to shift.  As in Karel Martens collection of found industrial type-form stamps, most of the objects would not be seen as letters or numbers (and weren’t ever meant to be type) without the support of the other stamps.  Circles would not become O’s if there were no M, N or P shapes.  The artist’s perception is bound to an object when it is grouped into a collection, and removed from its solitary function; just as the cells that make up our bodies are quite indistinct until grouped together to form an eye instead of an ear.  Elliman raises an interesting point by revealing that people are victims of a grand collection, and our ideas, perceptions and language are a direct reaction to the ideas, language and perceptions of those around us.  What would a human be if removed from the collection?


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